Sweet Sweet Kink

Sweet Sweet Kink is a gorgeous animated that film takes a look at BDSM and kink via three vignettes – an adult woman remembers a first kinky experience with a high school friend on the back of a bus; a submissive and dominant pair discuss their journey into collaring; a woman talks about her journey into masochism and her first BDSM scene; and a D/s pair discuss their relationship. The film aims to explore kink and BDSM beyond the cliches and look at how it really works, with a focus on the trust and relationships behind it.

This film has played at a lot of festivals worldwide and won numerous awards. Director Maggie M. Bailey is a filmmaker, dancer and photographer who was nominated for the 2018 Princess Grace Foundation Award and the Kodak Excellence in Filmmaking Award. Her work has a strong focus on sex positivity. Here’s the film’s official site.

Best Animated Film — CineKink
Audience Award — Transform Film Festival
Best Documentary — Transform Film Festival
Best Kink — HUMP! Film Festival
Best Short Film — Star Ranch’s Texas Nudist Film Festival

From Pink Label TV: “Sweet Sweet Kink takes a sweet, sweet peek into the kinky world of bondage, dominance, and sadomasochism through stories of intimate connection, consensual exploration, and deep self-reflection. What is our vanilla perception of the world of kink and BDSM? Dark dungeons, leather corsets, red rooms, riding crops, cracking whips, painful screams, public sex? While these aren’t completely false perceptions, they only represent a small, out of context, a piece of Kink and BDSM. What’s lying underneath the toys, spanking, and St. Andrew’s crosses? Trust, consent, lifelong partnership, intimacy, acceptance, therapeutic healing, community, exploration, and honesty. Through three vignettes, we will follow four kinky storytellers reminiscing on the moments of exciting ‘firsts’, the long journey of healing, and beginnings of lifelong relationships.”

“It’s about this woman’s experience with sensation play and BDSM and how healing that’s been for her, and how cathartic. It’s sexy and the drawings are hot, but it’s really educational, it’s really smart, and it’s entirely about this personal experience. Is it pornographic? I guess so, but it is an honest, joyful, personal account and response to sex.” – DAN SAVAGE on an excerpt of Sweet Sweet Kink in HUMP! Film Fest; Nashville Scene.

You’ll find the full film at Pink Label TV


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Pansexual Porn Home » Sweet Sweet Kink

Pansexual Porn Home » Sweet Sweet Kink