Gamer Girl Queer Sex

This scene with Freya Mars and Tea is a non-binary and trans feminine pairing with a cute gamer girl plot line and lots of playful queer sex. The scene includes anal play and a strap on.

From Crash Pad Series: “Flirty friends Freya Mars and Tea are down to RPG (role-playing game). The loser gets fucked! Freya knows this level and shows off how to score high on the CrashPad quest. Newcomer Tea didn’t seem to put up much of a fight… hmm, strategic maneuver! Tea gets dragged off the couch and onto the bed where Freya collects their kiss. This kissing leads to stripping and stripping leads to strap-ons! Tea shows off her fabulous fishnet stockings while Freya teases us with their shockingly sexy harness. Playtime includes hot anal fingering, dildo fucking and oral sex. Tea stumbles upon and picks up the Magic Wand and mashes all the buttons until she finds the special move to enchant Freya to a wild orgasm. It’s safe to say we’re all winners!”

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The Crash Pad - two lesbians kiss each other

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In 2005 queer porn auteur Shine Louise Houston made The Crash Pad: a porn film about a secret apartment where queer lovers would hook up. The adventure continues at, a site with over 350 episodes and growing every week. While Crash Pad has long had a focus on dyke porn, the site includes all sexualities and genders, along with a commitment to diversity and inclusiveness, sexual health and consent.

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Pansexual Porn Home » Gamer Girl Queer Sex