Queer Spanking

Gorgeous non-binary partners Zuri and Knotty share an intimate and cheerful queer spanking scene at The Crash Pad. Knotty is gearing up for a vasectomy and keen to “clear the tubes”. They get down to BDSM business with canes, leather floggers and old-fashioned spanking. Zuri enjoys a vibrator as well. You’ll see lots of laughter, joy and communication in this kinky impact play scene.

From Crash Pad: “The erotic tension between Knotty Rell and Zuri Love can be cut with a cane. It’s been a long time coming and there’s a table full of impact-play goodies waiting for them! Knotty begins with laying some handiwork on Zuri’s bits, warming her up for good vibes that’ll fill the apartment. Dual-wielded canes bounce off Zuri’s butt releasing a pleasing twang and triggering gentle giggles – causing Zuri to drip from both ends! Rell continues by railing on thighs and ass with quite a few leather floggers too. Throughout this sexy BDSM scene, our guests share sweet communication and tender moments in-between soft thuds. We love it!”

You’ll find the full scene at The Crash Pad Series


The Crash Pad - two lesbians kiss each other

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In 2005 queer porn auteur Shine Louise Houston made The Crash Pad: a porn film about a secret apartment where queer lovers would hook up. The adventure continues at TheCrashPad.com, a site with over 350 episodes and growing every week. While Crash Pad has long had a focus on dyke porn, the site includes all sexualities and genders, along with a commitment to diversity and inclusiveness, sexual health and consent.

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Pansexual Porn Home » Queer Spanking

Pansexual Porn Home » Queer Spanking