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Puck and Gila meet up via Zoom to fuck – or, at least, to jerk off together. In this fun video this real life queer couple connect and share a mutual masturbation session, even though they can’t touch. A remote-controlled sex toy makes things a bit more interesting, along with all the sexy talk and hot camera angles. Gila’s pronouns are he/him and Puck’s pronouns are they/them. The couple are definitely keen to share their sex lives and have submitted several videos to Lustery.

From Lustery: “Mega babes Puck and Gila make their return with what just may be one of Lustery’s most intimate videos yet… despite the fact that the pair are thousands of miles apart. As we celebrate Masturbation Month, the sensual couple reveal how they keep the spark not just alive but blazing in their long-distance relationship by keeping in touch – quite literally – every day. Throw in a new squirm-inducing phone-controlled toy, some dirty talk and a lot of longing, and Zoom calls have never been sexier.

“It’s not every couple that can claim that they were spitting in each other’s mouths before they’d been formally introduced but that’s what makes Puck and Gila just so rock ‘n’ roll. They two first got to know each other about three years ago when Gila, then frontman in a band, was spitting gin shots into the crowd at a show. If the crowd appreciate it, there was none more appreciative than Puck, who kept running up to the stage to receive the gin-and-drool mix directly into her mouth.”

You’ll find the full video plus more of Gila and Puck’s vids at Lustery


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Lustery features self-filmed adult videos submitted by couples from around the world, all eager to share their sex lives with an audience. What you see is not scripted, it’s only authentic experiences, documenting intimacy, passion and hot orgasms. While the couples are predominantly straight, there’s plenty of gay, lesbian and queer couples as well. Lustery’s couples are paid for their videos up front and many regularly submit scenes. The site also has a magazine with sex education, articles, podcasts and more.

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