Vic and Dick

Trans man Vic gets it on with cis man Dick in a playful and fun scene with a silly / sexy plot.

From Crash Pad: “Barista in-training Vic Novio drips into Café CrashPad where java-master Dick Hamby operates a tight shift. Novio presents his morning buns for a taste-test and Hamby approves! This lover-boy barista must have more experience than he lets on because he’s a natural at pleasing Dick’s steamy milk wand. Would you like an extra shot? These tattooed hipster coffeeshop cock jockeys in jock-straps cum right in time for the morning rush. Support small businesses!”

You’ll find the full scene at The Crash Pad Series


The Crash Pad - two lesbians kiss each other

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In 2005 queer porn auteur Shine Louise Houston made The Crash Pad: a porn film about a secret apartment where queer lovers would hook up. The adventure continues at, a site with over 350 episodes and growing every week. While Crash Pad has long had a focus on dyke porn, the site includes all sexualities and genders, along with a commitment to diversity and inclusiveness, sexual health and consent.

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Pansexual Porn Home » Vic and Dick

Pansexual Porn Home » Vic and Dick