Transmasculine Hole Of The Universe

A trans man sits down to watch porn and chooses a scene with two trans men who are partners. Their scene features an extensive interview with the couple where they talk about themselves, including how they identify, taking T and what they like about it. The scene creates a “scene with in a scene” conceit that makes the filmmaker and his fantasy part of the action. This film is relatively unique as there’s very few films featuring trans men in a documentary-style like this.

Filmmaker and photographer Genevieve Kuzak makes films exploring pornography, mental health and lesbian sexuality. He grew up in both the USA and Japan and credits the change in cultures with a growing awareness of how social norms and gender are culturally defined. Pink Label has an interview with Genevieve here.

From Pink Label TV: “In Transmasculine Hole of the Universe, the lines between fantasy and reality are blurred — this appears as an interview conducted by the director between two trans men. The video, a trans man’s fantasy, opens with frank discussions, such as testosterone injection sites marked by tattoos, then leads to sex.”

You’ll find the full film at Pink Label TV.


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Pansexual Porn Home » Transmasculine Hole Of The Universe