Sex and Disability: Picture This

Too often, disabled people are dismissed as being non-sexual beings, or else people are too uncomfortable to discuss the topic. This documentary by director Jari Osbourne seeks to shine a light of sex and disability.

The blurb: In Picture This, a new documentary by Jari Osborne, we meet Andrew Gurza, a self-described “queer cripple” who has made it his mission to make sex and disability part of the public discourse. We follow Andrew as he plans the second edition of Justify My Love -a sex-positive play party for disabled people. At the heart of the film is the uneasy dichotomy that disabled people face, of feeling either invisible or like a freak show, especially with regards to their sexuality.

There’s an interview with Andrew about his appearance in the film here. He says: “Why should you watch this film, you ask? You should watch this film if you’ve ever caught yourself thinking, “How do disabled people have sex?” Not only will this question be answered (and then some), but you’ll be invited into my world as a queer, disabled man who proudly and unabashedly has sex (gasp!) and likes it (bigger gasp!)… What I love about this film (and what I hope you’ll love too) is that the story is not tied up in a bow at the end. The narrative of this film allows for a new trope to emerge: a character who is proud to be disabled (biggest gasp!).

In 2021 Andrew and his sister launched a sex toy made specifically for disabled people. Read more here.

Here’s Andrew’s site.


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Pansexual Porn Home » Sex and Disability: Picture This

Pansexual Porn Home » Sex and Disability: Picture This