Scarlet Woman

Scarlet Woman is about self love and sex acceptance. It’s about exploring and embracing your sexuality, no matter what your age or experience. It’s an ode to the glory of female sexuality and the right of older women to be sexual, even if society wants to ignore them or brand them as “MILF” or other labels.

After years trapped in a loveless marriage, Morgana Muses made a decision to make a new life for herself and to explore her own sexuality. A first encounter with a male escort led to a short film, Duty Bound, which artfully captured this experience with help from John Oh, the sex worker she hired. After she won an award for her film, the world opened its arms to her. Morgana began making porn films, including ones starring herself. She wanted to embrace her sexuality and love herself and her own body in the process. In 2015, she was named Heartthrob of the Year at the Feminist Porn Awards. She then moved to Berlin and became involved in the alternative porn scene there.

Morgana’s life and work became the focus of an award-winning documentary, Morgana, that screened at various film festivals and won the jury prize at the SF Indie Film Festival in 2021.

Morgana made Scarlet Woman in collaboration with Ms. Naughty for The pair are friends and had met and discussed porn on numerous occasions before making this scene. This was the first film that Morgana shot with another director. The film screened at numerous porn film festivals around the world.

From Bright Desire: “Like a chrysalis, Morgana emerges into a world of sensuality, sexual discovery and self-love. She revels in her body with costumes and veils before giving herself pleasure via melted wax, a knife, a paddle, a stiletto and her favourite vibrator.”

You’ll find the full film at Bright Desire.


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