It’s Complicated

Can sex with your ex still be great? What if you’re being paid to have sex with them on camera? Is it possible to put everything aside and just fuck? In It’s Complicated, two ex-partners and current porn performers get together and get it on in the late Autumn Berlin sunshine. Well-known performer and sex worker Sadie Lune and transman KAy Garnellen, previously life partners, let it all go, remember what works and have a great time in a fun, pleasure-filled scene. This film shows that sex, porn, relationships and sex work can be… well, complicated.

From Bright Desire: “This documentary explores the blurry line between performance and reality and the complicated interaction between sex work and relationships. It intercuts an interview with the performers with explicit footage of their scene.”

Bright Desire has the full short film and an extended version of the scene.

Starring Sadie Lune, KAy Garnellen

Length: 15:04
Shot in Digital HD, 16:9
Film finished 2019

San Francisco PornFilmFestival 2021
It’s Complicated official selection
November 2021

Cinekink NY 2020
It’s Complicated official selection
December 2020

SECS Fest Seattle 2020
It’s Complicated official selection – Honorable Mention Award
October 2020
Honorable Mention Award – It’s Complicated


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