Hungarian Tango

Hungarian Tango is a feminist porn film that has fun with pussy licking and nationality, mixing oral sex and female pleasure with an exploration of national identity, along with some psychedelic imagery. Cunnilingus has never been more fun. Hungarian-born, Berlin-based filmmaker, dancer and artist Pina Brutal directs and stars in this erotic and sometimes surreal short film.

The film plays on the Urban Dictionary definition of a “Hungarian Tango”, which describes a man ejaculating on the floor and a woman slipping on it, in a tango. Pina brings a wicked sense of humour and some witty visual puns into the entire scene. The pair undress in an awkward dance. The cunnilingus takes on a religious aspect. And then…. well, there’s the squirting and the subsequent “tango” with some amazing animation added. You’ll have to watch it to see but you won’t be disappointed.

From Pink Label tv: “A couple goes on a journey in a small Hungarian home. What starts as an erotic scenario soon turns into a psychedelic trip into the Heart of The Cosmos.

“Lick, lick, otherwise we are lost.”

From IMDB: “Hungarian Tango is an erotic movie that explores female desire and sexual pleasure through the lens of cultural heritage. It states that gender and nationality inform one’s sexuality and that it is possible to liberate desire through conscious sexual practices. The film focus on one essential sexual act, highlighting the importance of it. It explores the fact that sex is more than just bodies coming together in pleasure, it is also personal evolution through experimentation.”

Pina Brutal’s other films include Seven Levels Deep (2019), The Secret Love Life of the Urban Leopard (2019)

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