A Guide To Squirting

Squirting, or female ejaculation as it’s sometimes known, is an expulsion of liquid from the urethra during arousal or orgasm. In this video, friends and performers Kali Sudhra, Maria Riot and Sadie Lune talk about squirting and then set out to demonstrate how to make it happen. This explicit video includes use of fingers and vibrators for clitoral stimulation and fingers and curved dildoes to help achieve squirting. The scene includes three glorious orgasms and lots of squirting.

From Pink Label TV: ““Squirting” is something that porn audiences cannot seem to get enough of, which is why SexSchool made another episode on squirting.

“Returning to talk all things squirt is Kali Sudhra, accompanied by Maria Riot and Sadie Lune as they discuss misinformation, shame in not squirting, and their own experiences. Learn insider tips and tricks about squirting and see them in action as Sadie, Kali and Maria hit the gym to take turns making each other squirt! This explicit demonstration includes active instructions from the receiver on how exactly to make them squirt.

“This Guide to Squirting episode is meant to be playful, challenge perceptions about squirting, and take the pressure off those of us who may be trying to understand how and if we can squirt. So prepare yourself with plenty of towels and toys before you enjoy this squirt-tacular SexSchool episode.

“SexSchool Season 2 goes beyond the basics, elevating sexual perspectives and experiences. From talking dirty to mismatched libidos and even vaginismus, SexSchool addresses it all with the help of a fantastic cast of performers, educators, and pleasure professionals. This collective work is sure to help beginners with self-discovery and pleasure, as well as seasoned experts who need a gentle reminder to reconnect and prioritize their “sexual self”. This season holds true to the SexSchool pillars of honest, accurate, and inclusive educational content, with an uncensored twist that will keep you begging for more! SexSchool is an education revolution and Season 2 is no different.

Directed by Poppy Sanchez
Original Idea: Sex School
Co-Created with Kali Sudhra, Maria Riot, and Sadie Lune

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Pansexual Porn Home » A Guide To Squirting

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Pansexual Porn Home » A Guide To Squirting